Worship Resources for Celebration of ADA Signing

A Selection of Suggested Resources from United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries for Worship in Celebration of ADA

Tribute to Harold H. Wilke
Includes poem by Jeanne Tyler


Litany and Prayer Resources:

• Invocation by Normal Mengel
Creating, saving, and sustaining God, we thank you for creating us in your image, each having gifts that differ according to the grace given us, so that together we make up the whole body of Christ. Help us to learn new ways to encourage each other to develop our gifts to the fullest, to love one another with mutual affection, and to extend hospitality. May we be sensitive and helpful to one another in our areas of need. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.

More? Go to http://www.uccdm.org/2007/05/23/mosaic-series-created-to-be-interdependent-within-the-body-of-christ/#more-399

• Litany by Dee Brauninger

Leader: Mindful that from the genesis throughout the revelation of our lives, God creates, reveals, and renews God’s promise of hope for us,
All: Let us be faithful to our commitment to you, O God, and to one another. Amen.
Leader: As birth, disease, accident, or maturity brings special needs to those within this church,
All: Guide us, O God, as bringers of your hope. Amen.
Leader: As we increase our skill in reading the signs of change among church members and anticipate their needs,
All: Guide us, O God, as your welcoming people. Amen.

More? Go to http://www.uccdm.org/2007/05/23/mosaic-series-tools-of-the-trade/#more-396

• Prayer by Jeanne Tyler

Persistent God, who never lets us go, come to us in this gathering. Open our minds and our hearts to wrestle with your words. Teach us not to sit politely by when we are not welcomed as the unique people we are. Help us to love ourselves as much as we love you, so that your gift of creating us in your image is not wasted on others or us. Help us be teachers and learners. Help us to follow your ways made straight in the wilderness. We ask this in the name of Jesus, the Christ. Amen.

More? Go to http://www.uccdm.org/2007/05/24/mosaic-series-i-could-come-home/#more-401

• Invocation by Diana Coberly

We approach you, O faithful God, assured of your welcoming attitude to all. You fearfully and wonderfully made each of us. We thank you that your love is with us, that nothing can separate us from your love no matter the way we see or hear, no matter the way we talk or walk, no matter the way we think or feel. Help each of us to be aware of how we exclude persons different from ourselves from knowing Jesus. As we gather in this place, awaken us to your goodness and mercy, that we may through the liberating grace you offer us, help create an attitude of inclusiveness for all. Amen.

More? Go to http://www.uccdm.org/2007/05/23/mosaic-series-spiritual-accessibility-for-all/

• Litany: Blessing of the Options by Dee Brauninger

From Genesis 1, 12 and 21; Psalms 8 and 139

Suggested Use:
1. Multiple readings throughout the service.
2. Select several Leader/People/ALL segments to use once in the service.
3. Read the entire litany as a prayer with a pause between segments for silent reflection followed by an Amen before reading the next segment.

Go to http://www.uccdm.org/2009/10/06/blessed-be-god-who-delights-in-everyone-a-litany/

• Benediction by Dee Brauninger

May God guide this living church as we aim to do whatever it takes from the quiet, welcoming act to the visible or costly physical change that reflects God’s life-giving plan for a future with hope. Amen.

More? Go to http://www.uccdm.org/2007/05/23/mosaic-series-tools-of-the-trade/#more-396


1 Peter 4:8-11a (RSV)

Suggested Hymns (From “Hymns for A2A Congregations” in A2A Study Guide)


“Blessed be the Tie that Binds” 393 TNCH “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service” 495 TNCH “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” 2 TNCH “Help Us Accept Each Other” 388 TNCH “My Heart is Overflowing” 15 TNCH “O God in Whom All Life Begins 401 TNCH “O God, My God” 515 TNCH “Spirit of Love” 58 TNCH
“We Yearn, O Christ, for Wholeness” 179 TNCH “We are Your People” 309 TNCH “When Peace Like a River” 438 TNCH “Won’t You Let Me Be Your Servant?” 539 TNCH

• “Empowering Children with Disabilities” by David Denham

• “The Church of the Left Out” by Marja Coons-Torn

• “A Patchwork Quilt” by Virginia Kreyer Mosaic Series – In God’s Image – “A Patchwork Quilt” – http://www.uccdm.org/2007/05/24/mosaic-series-a-patchwork-quilt/

• “Spiritual Accessibility for All” by Diana Coberly Mosaic Series – In God’s Image – “Spiritual Accessibility for All”

• Sermon Text: Job 1:1, 2:1-10, Psalm 26, Mark 10:2-16 – Jeanne Tyler

Go to http://www.uccdm.org/1999/06/21/jeanne-tyler-ucc-dm-co-chair-preaches-at-amistad-chapel/#more-85


• “Architectural, Attitudinal, and Spiritual Inclusion of People with Disabilities and their Families” – by Rita Fiero

• “Mainstreaming the Alienated: The Church Responds to the ‘new’ Minority” – by Harold Wilke

• “Multisensory Worship Ideas” by Marjot Hausmann
Jo Clare Hartsig. Ed., A2A Study Guide. http://www.uccdm.org p. 142

• “No Steps to Heaven” by Harold Wilke

• “Reading the Signs” is a series of columns about inclusion and accessibility that can be excerpted for conference or church newsletters.Visit the Reading the Signs Category at http://www.uccdm.org.


• “Signs of Liberation and Access” by Harold Wilke

• “Them vs. Us : A Litany”
Jo Clare Hartsig. Ed., A2A Study Guide. http://www.uccdm.org p. 142

• “In the Image of God” Jo Clare Hartsig. Ed., A2A Study Guide. http://www.uccdm.org p. 6

Other Resources:
AAPD.com American Association on People with Disabilities

Disability.gov Go to the 100 Days Countdown on Disability Blog

N.O.D.org The National Organization on Disabilities

Http://www.uccdm.org contains a valuable resource written and edited by Jo Clare Hartsig. The A2A Study Guide can be downloaded for electronic reading or printed. It is also available on disc from UCC DM. Contact Michelle Hintz. hintzm@ucc.org.