Dedication of an Assist Dog: A Litany

L: We welcome you, “(Dog’s Name).”
P: We give thanks to God for your gentle yet determined personality.

L: We trust you to assist “(Name of Dog’s Partner).”
P: We are grateful for this gift to her/him from a caring, sustaining Creator. We
appreciate your training and your passion already to follow your life work.

L: We speak for you, witnessing your desire to be a good assist dog.
P: Woof. (That is, I will do my best.)

L: We remember your still-a-puppy-desire to play this important first year of training
with “(Name of Dog’s Partner).”
P: We understand if you forget or let others distract you from your work.

L: We promise to look all we want but will try our best not to touch you or call to you
when you are wearing your harness.
P: We dedicate you, “(Dog’s Name),” as an Assist Dog — who, much to your joy,
will give your life to guide “(Name of Dog’s Partner)” in this community and around the world.

ALL: Thanks be to God for partners who help each other, and for all who help make our journey easier. Amen

Written by db in honor of her three Leader Dogs, “Dolley,” “Treasure,” and “Bear.”

Used with permission of the author. Forthcoming in Maren C. Tirabassi and Maria I. Tirabassi, Eds., Before the Amen: Resources for Worship (Cleveland: Pilgrim Press).