The 11th Commandment

The 11th Commandment

 “The One whose throne is in heaven, sits laughing.”  Psalm 2:4  Much of the time life with a visual disability can be a real pain.  Bumping into doorjambs.   Hitting your thumb with a hammer.  Misreading the sign on a public bathroom door.  

But for me, the fun comes in misreading regular text or signs.  Next time you see a print ad for boots, think of me reading “boobs” at first glance. (I want fur lined, waterproof ones – don’t you?) While waiting for a prescription to be filled, wander over to the electronic accessories aisle.  They sell a variety of car chargers for cell phones there.  Imagine me puzzling over what a “cat” charger does.  My companion found me sitting on the floor, trying to figure out where you put the plug in your cat and what the consequences of charging it might be.  (Will it only work in your car or will it work at home, too?)

In our house we celebrate the 11th commandment all the time:  Thou shall not take thyself too seriously. Life is so much more enjoyable when we can laugh at our foibles and ourselves!  Gifted pianist and comedian Victor Borge once said the shortest distance between two people is laughter.  He was right.

 Laughter is also a wonderful way to break down barriers. When able-bodied people hear people with disabilities laughter, they seem to find us more human, less fragile.   Suddenly we become a whole person rather than a disability in human form.  

Let us consider how much the love of God is like laughter.  It is contagious.  It is meant to be shared.  It comes at surprising times.  Throughout our lives, let us join with the Holy Spirit and spread the love of God through laughter, smiles, joy, and compassionate care for others.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pastor Lynda Bigler is a past member/chair of UCC Disabilities Ministries. After graduating from Yale Seminary she became the third person with a visual impairment to be ordained into our denomination since its American beginnings in the 1600’s. Pastor Lynda received the Virginia Kreyer Award at General Synod 31.  Pastor Lynda lives in Portland, OR.


The 11th Commandment is one of the devotionals written in honor of Disability Awareness Month 2017