What Does the UCCDM Logo Stand For?

The United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries (UCCDM) logo is based on the United Church of Christ’s cross and orb logo that is a cross with a bisected circle at the bottom and the crown on top. To the right of the cross and orb is “UCCDM” in large print–a nod to large print as part of accessibility for persons with visual impairments. Underneath “UCCDM” is a dash followed by five icons and another dash. The five icons were intentionally chosen by the UCCDM Board of Directors to symbolize various disabilities.

The first icon is a sign language symbol of “I love you” which symbolizes American Sign Language as an aspect of accessibility and inclusion as well as a reminder that God loves persons with disability.

The second icon is a box with no symbol which signifies all known disabilities unable to be included in our logo design due to space limitations, as well as disabilities that do not have a known associated symbol; it is a reminder that God has created more than we can anticipate.

The third icon includes a human head with the brain highlighted this symbolizes disabilities related to the brain including mental health related disabilities, developmental disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. It is a reminder that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

The fourth icon is of a human figure in a racing wheelchair. This icon was developed by disability activists at “the accessible icon project” for the public domain as a means of challenging traditional ideas of disability. This symbolizes the importance of people with disabilities defining themselves and as a reminder of UCCDM’s work for disability (social) justice.

The fifth and final icon is the icon for hidden, or invisible, disabilities. You cannot see, or discern, invisible disabilities by looking at individuals who have them.  People with invisible disabilities are often marginalized for not appearing “disabled”. This reminds us that only God sees all things. Underneath the icons, the words “United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries” is spelled out in smaller font.

The UCCDM Board of Directors created the logo in 2016 exclusively for UCCDM use. The logo cannot be used without beyond the board without written permission from the UCCDM Executive Committee and must be used in its entirety without alteration.